Matzke Sales, Inc. focuses on the irrigation distributors, hardscape distributors and wholesale landscape suppliers for the Western United States. We are proud to represent the finest quality of Irrigation Products. American Granby offers a full line of fittings, irrigation accessories for both Turf and Irrigation. Jobe Valves for all your float requirements. SJE/Rhombus for their control and VFDs, from simplex, duplex, triplex, etc. SJE Rhombus have panels for every application. Southwire has a full line of irrigation, burial and specialty wire.

Below are the direct links to our manufacturers’ websites. If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact your local Matzke Sales representative.

American Grandby Logo

American Granby was established in 1962 to serve the distribution needs of the wholesale market. With the birth of American Granby came the concept of "vendor consolidation". The phrase defined the idea of acquiring a wide variety of products, manufactured by many, but available from one source. Today, with nearly 10,000 items supplied by 200 vendors, we provide crucial financial benefits to local wholesalers.

Ashland Pump Logo

As a wholesaler, you need to have confidence in the product you're
selling. Ashland Pump has their very own lab facility to test their pumps
for optimal performance. Selecting Ashland Pump comes with reliability
and exceeded expectations. Choose the brand that gives you the highest
quality of components that last...choose Ashland Pump.

Jobe Valves Logo

Jobe Valves are float operated valves for use in automatic filling of water troughs, tanks, cisterns, etc. The valve is configured for above or below water mounting. The float operates a small pilot valve which in turn operates the main diaphragm valve. Topaz trough valves are a good choice where their high flow, compact, robust, non-corrosive construction and high level of adaptability are needed.

Netafirm Logo

Netafim developed Bioline® subsurface dripperline for wastewater drip dispersal applications over a decade ago. Today it continues to be the standard to which all dripperline is measured. Along with bioline®, Netafim offers the most complete line of filters, valves, air vents, and flow meters in the wastewater industry.

SAS Logo

SAS offers a complete line of head-to-toe personal protective equipment; respiratory, hearing, eye, hand/body protection, protective wear, high-visibility, ergonomic/traffic safety, first aid kits and spill control. We understand the importance of meeting customers’ needs from the distributor to the end-user. Commitment to your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

SJE Rhombus Logo

SJE Rhombus manufactures a high quality pump float controls and accessories. They are the largest manufacturer of submersible pump floats and controls. Full line of specialty controls including VFDs.

Snyder Industries Logo

For more than 50 years, Snyder Industries has been a leader in building plastic tanks that are lighter, stronger and more cost effective than other materials. In developing our water tank line, Snyder engineers studied the demands of each application and used computer enhanced design to strategically shape and strengthen tank walls to withstand stress. Snyder can meet your water tank needs

Southwire Logo

Southwire Company is North America’s leading manufacturer of wire and cable used in the distribution transmission of electricity. Throughout its history, Southwire has sought to deliver power through our products with a full line of submersible pump cable and irrigation products to fit all your needs.